Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hillmomba People Problems

I caved in and brought the trash dumpster back from the end of the driveway today. Seeing as how if I left it for Farmer H, it might stay up there 12 days like when The Pony first left for college. Oh, and I also took it UP THERE to the end of the driveway yesterday, seeing as how if I expect to have my trash hauled away for the money I pay the Waste Management people, it can't be sitting here under the carport because Farmer H "forgets" to take it.

That dumpster is on its last wheels. It still rolls okay. But the lid is flapping by a thread. It's cracked in the middle, between the handles. It's like a 1964 Plymouth Valiant with a hole in the front floorboard covered by a piece of cardboard, and a hole burned in the middle of the back seat covered by a throw pillow. Except my high school buddy Mooner didn't drive a green trash dumpster.

Farmer H says he's going to ask his trash contact at work what we can do to get a better dumpster. We've had this trash service for 18 years. As Farmer H remembers it, we used to have a really good dumpster, but then they replaced it with this piece of crap. I remember it being replaced. But I'm sure there's been a little bit of wear and tear on this one over 18 years. The trash guys are not gentle with it.

I guess it's the least Farmer H can do...try to get me a new dumpster. Seeing as how he seemed believably sorry that he forgot to take the trash up yesterday. Except now he seems to think I am going to do that every week.

Inviting a vampire into the Mansion would have made more sense than caving in to dumpster duty. There'll be no end to it now.


Sioux said...

Lucky for you, you have plenty of time on your hands to do everything Farmer H thinks you should be doing...

Hillbilly Mom said...

I got carried away with your answer. It's making its way to the next post. I have so much time on my hands that I do absolutely nothing all day. It's exhausting. How kind of Farmer H to attempt to fill my day. He's selfless like that.