Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Farmer H Rocks

Farmer H left for work this morning at 6:00, just like normal. He got home at 5:30, a bit later than normal, but he called ahead, so avoided the doghouse. The minute he got home, he went out to work on the road. His buddy, Buddy, had brought him another load of rock, and dumped it down the hill. Not on our property. On the main road. The one that runs out to the county blacktop road.

Let the record show that we are the second house on this road. A good portion of it does not have people living on the property that fronts it. But once you get past the Mansion, there are many homes. Many for Hillmomba, that is. Probably 15 to 20 past us. Let the record further show that these families use this road the same as the Hillbilly family.

Farmer H is a bit irked that he spent hundreds of dollars of his rock money on rock. I pointed out that nobody told him to do that. And that he didn't ask anyone for donations. So his plan to put a letter in the mailboxes asking people to buy a load of rock is not a good idea. It will cause ill will. Besides, that's a federal offense, putting stuff in mailboxes that hasn't been mailed!

I know I've mentioned this before, but I had to regurgitate it tonight because it's stuck in my craw. Mrs. Hillbilly Mom rarely takes Farmer H's side on an issue. But tonight, she must.

After Farmer H got home from his 11.5 hour workday, before he had any supper, he fired up his tractor and headed back down to the hill to spread gravel. Okay. So there was a brief hiccup in that plan as he ran out of gas in the (blue MoDOT auction, not green John Deere) tractor before he even got out of the BARn field. But he walked down to the BARn and got some gas, and drove it up to the tractor in his Gator. Then went to work on that gravel.

When he came back after the sun set, Farmer H said that one of the couples up the road had stopped while he was spreading gravel.

"Oh. It looks like we'll need to drive the Hummer if we want to get up the road now."

Let the record show that this couple has has never offered a penny, never smoothed an inch of gravel. They have both a van and a Humvee. It's not like they would have to buy a new car to navigate the road. And at the time, they were IN their Humvee. Farmer H said he was just trying to fix the road, since it has been washed out at the sides for over a year now. I told him he should have said, "Just like you have to drive the Hummer when it rains, because if you meet a car you have to pull over into the ditch."

On the porch, I tried to cajole him into believing they were just joshing, making conversation because they saw him out there on his tractor.

Inside the Mansion, and inside my head, all I could think was, "Some people go out of their way to be real a$$holes."


Sioux said...

Some of them are born that way, and they're perfecting their a$$holeyness the rest of their lives.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Some of them work really hard at it. Like overtime.