Friday, September 30, 2016

Maybe We Can Set Up A Psychic's Shed In Shackytown

There's an invisible bond between mothers and their children. At least around this ol' Mansion.

Every Monday, I mail a letter to the #1 son, and a letter to The Pony. #1 gets his on Wednesday. The Pony's usually comes on Thursday. The best I can tell. The Pony is not exactly one to rush to the mailbox and look for it. Sometimes he remembers. Sometimes I have to ask him if he got it. (Shh...don't tell anyone, but I tuck some money in there for his beloved Papa John's Pizza.) The Pony is a placid critter, and ambles through life getting around to things when he gets around to them.

#1 is a go-getter. He goes and gets the mail when he gets to his rented house full of computer brainiacs. Their mailbox is out on the curb at the end of their short driveway on the end of the cul-de-sac. If one of his roomies beats him to it, he finds it on the kitchen table. #1 might be more concerned with the mail because the house and utilities are in his name, and he's trying to build a good credit score. The fact that I put two lottery tickets and six dollars into his envelope might also have something to do with it.

Wednesday evening, in a short texting session with The Pony, I reminded him that he should have a letter the next day. I didn't bother him then, but today, two days later, I thought I would check. Just in case he forgot.

I left my lair and took a dog-bopped walk up the driveway twice. Then I went over by the BARn. Then came back and sat on the front porch pew. I didn't have my glasses, so I held my phone out at the end of my arm and sent a simple sentence:

"Did you get your letter?"

I had no sooner laid the phone down on the porch pew to pull my sweatpants legs up to my knees to keep Juno's burrs off of them than my phone chimed and vibrated. Meaning an incoming text. That was pretty quick for The Pony. He sometimes takes five or ten minutes to answer. And not because the text comes a long way from Oklahoma!

I picked up the phone and saw,

I read the letter!
I'm thinking of applying for the Honors at Oxford session this summer.

That was funny. It came in above the line I had just sent. Wait a minute! I hadn't hit the send arrow! My sentence was still sitting there waiting for more, or to be sent. WTNH? (What The Not Heaven?) I typed more, and hit the send arrow:

"Did you get your letter? do a bunch of people go? With a sponsor?
"Seriously. Did you answer about my letter before I sent it, or did it go through?"

And The Pony sent back, "I just read the letter!"

Got a little bit of psychic in us, it seems.


Sioux said...

Oxford as in England?

If so, how many Papa Johns pizzas and how many breadsticks can The Pony pack into his suitcase?

How will he survive in a land where they don't speak his language (the language of raised eyebrows)?

I'm worried...

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yes, Oxford as in England. It's an island, you know! England. Not Oxford. THAT I KNOW OF!

He can take a 3 hour course abroad, or take 6 hours with part of it at OU, and part of it abroad. His National Merit scholarship package has an allowance for study abroad. Won't pay it all, but pays a respectable chunk.

I can't imagine The Pony getting himself there! And he WILL most likely starve with no Papa John's for 3 weeks. But who am I to stand in the way of a boy's study abroad? I hope he can find an eyebrow translator...

Apparently, a group usually goes, and a faculty sponsor. But each person is responsible for making their own travel arrangements!!!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Proud Mama! So sweet that he sent a text before knowing that your were thinking about him! My son is like that, too. He seems to know when his mom needs a little son love!
Waiting patiently to hear if the Pony will be going across the pond.

Hillbilly Mom said...

It's a bond that Farmer H and The Pony do not have!

You will have to be very patient. The Pony must apply for the program. I think final notices go out in March. He has a pretty good chance of being accepted, what with his National Merit credentials, since part of the recruiting materials mention money allotted for study abroad.