Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom Needs To Be Very, Very Careful What She Wishes For

Everybody remember yesterday's title? "I Certainly Hope Even Steven Is Prepared To Reward My Generosity."

Today at 1:45, he did.

I went to town around 1:00 to pick up some supper groceries for Farmer H's request from last night. So maybe he's the butterfly who flapped his wings to set this all in motion. I had been thinking during my shower about where to take the money from for our upcoming casino excursion. I have some scratch-off winners stockpiled in my dark basement lair.

Yesterday I won $15. The rest of my stockpile are bigger winners. I'm holding onto them until the casino visit. Today I took that little winner, and put some lucky money from previous winners that is what I lottery (it's a verb for me!) out of, and bought six tickets at the gas station chicken store. I set two aside to mail to #1 tomorrow in his letter. (The Pony, being out of state, prefers his share in cash, for those expensive Papa John's pizzas he seems to live on.) The other four I scratched before my lunch (later every day) and after my first few sips of my magical elixir.

I had THREE winners! And this is the order I scratched them: $15 (ooh, got my cash-in back), $40 (that's a nice chunk of bills), and $100 (WHEE DOGGIES! THERE'S OUR CASINO MONEY!).

I am NOT buying any more tickets this week! I've got a nice stockpile, and three featherless, gaping-mouthed, loud-cheeping, baby-bird-type gamblers depending on me to feed them a gambling stake on Saturday. Oh, and provide sustenance as well. Alcoholic beverages are on their own dime.

Thanks, Even Steven!


Sioux said...

At that age, isn't alcohol lumped in as "sustenance"?

Hillbilly Mom said...

I think it's three of the four food groups.

fishducky said...

Is there a secret to choosing winning lottery tickets because, if there is, I don't know it!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

As much as I would like to take credit for my success, it's totally random. Sometimes I have an urge to buy at a certain place. Sometimes I feel like I should wait. That's all I go on.

My grandma (Mom's mom) couldn't lose at BINGO. My mom hated gambling. I almost had to twist her arm (let the record show that I would NEVER have twisted my mom's arm!) when the kids were little, so she would keep them for four hours for Farmer H and I to have a casino trip once a year. That was an hour of driving each way, and two hours at the casino. Mom asked the boys to stay at her house plenty, overnights too. But when it came to casinos...that was frowned upon. It was almost as bad as saying "fart."