Friday, September 16, 2016

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom Is Wingin' It Tonight. So She Has A Leg To Stand On.

Trying to slap something up here quick, because there's a big wall of radar rain headed this way. I would have been happily oblivious, but Farmer H called to tell me he was sitting in water up to his wheel wells at a stoplight on the way home from work. He said there had been tornado warnings for his workplace area. But seeing as how I was sitting in the basement, it didn't really matter.

I should say not! Even if I was upstairs trying to check on the weather, my DISH would be out. My internet had just gone out when Farmer H called. So I figure it will be sporadic tonight. Enjoy a picture of gas station chicken:

I know that I usually tout the deliciousness of this greasy treat. But the picture tells a thousand words. Not that it will stop ME from telling a thousand words. This was not good chicken. I picked it up a few days ago. Let the record show that the breasts were voluptuous! And the thighs plump! But the wings and legs left a bit to be desired. They might have come from pigeons or crows. Or those tiny little Cornish game hens. But it made no nevermind to me, because Farmer H got those parts!

I must also add that I am not thrilled with the camera on the new used phone I inherited from the #1 son. At least the old one, without a lens on the camera, took bright pictures. This one ignores the ambient light, uses a flash, and puts out dark pictures. I'm sure there's a setting I'm missing. Perhaps #1 can enlighten me ON THE PHONE!

Anyhoo...trying to get this up before the power or internet goes down. Bon appetit. Don't say it the Sean Connery SNL way!

Whoops! No internet. Trying again. Should have taken a stitch in time, I guess. So close.


Sioux said...

That chicken looked pathetic. Tiny and dried up. Perhaps with all your spare time, you should march in front of the gas station, a protest sign in hand...

fishducky said...

I LOVE chicken--I'd probably even love your gas station chicken!!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I have noticed that the grocery stores with a deli have taken to using the smallest chicken available for frying or rotisserie and the whole chickens in the cold case to sell look like they are on steroids.

Hillbilly Mom said...

No protest for me! They might cut off my 44 oz Diet Coke privileges! It's bad enough somebody might recognize me as the one who drove the getaway car for you that summer you were taking spy photos in their establishment, back when the city had the gargantuan fake birthday cake out front.

It is OH SO TASTY! Just make sure you don't go between 1:00 and 4:00, because you're getting the chicken that has laid about unboughten. I think I got the dregs of the legs and wings. But the breasts and one thigh were fantastic. Even when I reheated some the next day.

I know, right? Those in the cold case must be pumped with water, so as to weigh more. The gas station chicken store used to have HUGE breasts! I took my mom there one time, and she saved half of hers for the next meal. Now they are average size. It's the wings and legs that are emaciated.