Saturday, September 3, 2016

It's A Nice Day For A Pup Wetting

I came back from town around noon and met Farmer H in the Gator on the road in front of his freight container field. With him were The Veteran, and two of his little girls. Ranging out in front was my sweet, sweet Juno, and running alongside was Puppy Jack.

Perhaps running is too strong a word. Farmer H does not drive a fast Gator. Puppy Jack, short-legged though he may be, was barely trotting, and had no trouble keeping up. Juno had to rein it in, her long legs aching to race like the wind.

While I was blocking my half of the road, and Farmer H his, Puppy Jack grew bored. He walked in front of the Gator, looked up at Farmer H, looked over at me, then crawled under the front end, by the right front tire, for a nap in the shade.

"Don't run over Jack! He's under the Gator!"

"I won't run over Jack. He'll get out when I start it up again."

"Just out for a Saturday drive?"

"We're going up to the other land."

"Look out for Jack!"

"I will. He'll be going swimming." With that, Farmer H fired up his engine, Puppy Jack ran out from under, Juno darted ahead barking, and off they went.

Upon his return, Farmer H reported that Juno waded into the creek, Jack ran in and started swimming, and The Veteran's littlest girl (around 6) followed them.

"Don't go in the water! Stay away from the creek!" And in she went. Where she slipped and fell on her butt. Kids. What are ya gonna do?

Jack was all dried out by the time I went out this evening to feed him an old hot dog. Who knew that dachshunds or heelers liked to swim so much?


Sioux said...

What a cute photo of Jack. Hopefully, his tongue appears larger than it is in real life.

fishducky said...

I love that dog!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Tongues on camera are smaller than they appear. Ever since I got my new hand-me-down phone, my pictures look like something you might see through a door peephole. And not a REVERSE peephole.

This photo makes Jack look not-long. But you CAN accurately see his sturdy feet. Those feet were made for diggin'!

Me too! And he loves me back. Grunts like a little pig when I hug him. NOT because I squeeze him.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Love that sweet doggy face! My dogs each have their own little sounds of pleasure when I shower them with attention.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Our little boy is growing up. Besides humping the cats every time they walk by, he doesn't want me to hold him like before. Just a minute, to stick his tongue in my mouth (Puppy Jack wrote the book on inappropriateness), then he's a squirming 10-lb worm trying to corkscrew his way off my lap. I have to hold tight, and lower him slowly, let he injure his vertebrae, or herniate a disc! His heeler half is too impatient to protect his dachshund half.