Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mrs. HM's Imagination Is Expecting To Be Paid Time-And-A-Half Tonight

I rushed to the post office after school today.

Yes, it WAS the dead-mouse-smelling post office. I knew somebody was sure to ask. While I was there, inhaling the dead-mousiness of the place, I overheard a conversation between two customers at the counter. I was getting a little nervous. You know how things go when you eavesdrop.

MAN:  "...I just can't do it. Not tonight. You wouldn't believe how many they dump off. Forty or fifty, at least. I can't afford it anymore. I decided I have to put an end to it."

WOMAN:  "I understand. My sister says it's getting ridiculous at her house, too. She wastes at least a hundred dollars on it."

MAN:  "Huh! A hundred dollars wouldn't last twenty minutes!"

POSTAL CLERK:  "I'm going to hide tonight."

I'm sure you have picked up on it. You of the amazing social skills. Attuned to the moods of the masses. I, on the other hand, sometimes have a bit of a handicap in these matters. A differently-abledness.  I jump to conclusions without considering all the angles. Perhaps that's why I have only served on a jury one time.

Here's what I surmised. MAN was having trouble with people dumping baby animals on his property. You know. Puppies. Kittens. Thinking he'd take care of them. And he tried, our dear, sweet Mr. MAN, until he could not afford to feed any more. Or have them neutered. So I swear I thought I heard him say something about killing them. But not tonight. He couldn't face it at night. So he was planning to do it tomorrow.

WOMAN said her sister had the same problem. That it cost her a hundred dollars. You know. That's what it costs to spay and neuter a dog around these parts. So I figured her sister was trying, but times are tough, and she can't take care of strays the way she used to.

POSTAL CLERK must have heard MAN talk about disposing of his newly-acquired baby animals, so he was frightened, and joking that he was going to hide, lest MAN get ahold of him, too.

I was almost ready to chime in about how people dump animals at my mailbox, and I have three cats and three dogs from such pet harvests. Good thing I didn't.

They were talking about candy for trick-or-treaters who are driven into their neighborhood.


Sioux said...

For the first time, I hid this year. In fact, I'm hiding right now. The family room lights are off, and I hope the glow from the laptop and the TV don't lure trick or treaters to our front door like moths to a flame.

Luckily, it seems our whole street had the same idea. It looks like the power went out, the street's so dark.

Hiding in the dark from little pathetic.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

And this is why I usually keep my mouth shut on those rare ocassions when I am out and about .....

Hillbilly Mom said...

Indeed, hiding in the dark, stuffing Tootsie Roll Midgees down your neck. I doubt that the retail stores suffered a lack of business from all you denizens of the dark.

And hopefully why you stay out of dead-mouse-smelling post offices.