Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This Is SO Not Fair

That danged ol' convenient care clinic is not very convenient. And they sure don't care. I have a cough that I picked up there on Saturday when I took the boys for a flu shot. I'm sure. I haven't been anywhere else to catch this disease.

It's not a regular runny nose cold that moves into your chest. It started in my chest. Last night. Unless you count my ears. Which were kind of hurty when I swallowed on Sunday. But now I have a cough down in my chest that produced a glob of green goo this morning. With the sweetish kind of taste down in the division of my throat/chest area. I hate that.

Seriously. I always wash my hands with Germ-X if I'm out and about, and have touched door handles and pens and things sick people might touch. I turn away and hold my breath when a sicky coughs by. You can't tell me I picked this illness up on accident somewhere else. It had to be the five-times-ear-infected baby at the mercy of the broken otoscope. Or the little gal on birth control with a two-day fever of 104 and unabated tachycardia. Or the older man with chest pain and a cough.

I have called my doctor to ask if he will call in some medicine. I don't know if he did. Because I was at school conferences until seven and the pharmacy closed at six. I haven't checked my answering machine. Hopefully, some meds will be ready and waiting for me after school and my parking lot duty tomorrow.

Until then, I'm making due with Vicks VapoRub and the dregs of some cough medicine from 2009. I'm sure it's still good.


Sioux said...

Chris Rock recommends 'tussin for everyting. 'tussin it.

Or follow the dad's advice on "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and spritz yourself with a bit of Windex.

Either one'll do...

Kathy's Klothesline said...

It is a combination of all three patients, a super bug, if you will! I hope you feel better soon. I once worked with a doctor, long, long ago who thought we over immunized tetanus and that anti-bacterial soap was the root of all evil. He theorized that we were killing all our good germs as well as the bad and that we need our personal army of germs to combat the germs of those we come into contact with. I wonder ......

Hillbilly Mom said...

Either one would work better than what the "doctor" called in for me. Which we all know was the nurse on duty.

I agree in theory. But I have been exposed to a plethora of bugs during my teaching career, so my late-in-life Germ-X habit is not making ME more susceptible.

I smell a conspiracy.