Sunday, December 30, 2018

Apparently, We Are Not The Only Ones Who Miss The Pony

As mentioned yesterday, we are splitting up the 9-hour drive to get The Pony back to college by staying overnight halfway. Yes, I am helicoptering. Or, as The Pony puts it, Mother-Henning. Still, he fell asleep and totaled his car on the drive home that first year for Thanksgiving. So anything I can do to make his journey safer, I will!

Conveniently, the halfway point is a hotbed of casino action! And with casinos come comps, like free rooms! Having just been there for CasinoPalooza 3, Farmer H and I are anticipating renewed offers of such freebies, once our player's card records are updated for future mailings. We have been getting offers of free rooms for one of these casinos all year. In fact, Sis and the Ex-Mayor each had one, which they were using before the end of the year. With our trip coming in January, I've been looking for our latest comp offers in the mail.

Friday, I was happy to see one peeking out the gaping mouth of EmBee. I carried it back to T-Hoe, and was shocked to see that it was addressed not to me, not to Farmer H, but to THE PONY. In fact, it started out with, "Pony, we've missed you!" And inside, he had TWO offers for a free room! Let the record show that The Pony doesn't use his player's card, and only goes to that casino once a year, at CasinoPalooza time. Once I returned home, I told him.

"Hey! Pony! The casino HAS MISSED YOU! We were just there less than two weeks ago, and they are already MISSING YOU!"

"To be fair, that was probably printed and ready to mail before we were even there this time."

"Maybe. But the fact is, you have a free room! So if Dad and I don't get an offer, at least we can stay for free in YOUR ROOM!"


Thing is, I'm pretty sure Farmer H and I will also have that same free room offer, even if we don't get our mailers in time. I'll just call to reserve The Pony's room, and ask about ours, with our player's card numbers. Funny thing, how The Pony is 20 years old, and according to Genius, you have to be 21 to rent a hotel room, or a rental car, because during his time as head of the Solar Car team, Genius was the only one who was old enough to do those two things! Maybe it's different in Oklahoma, where the gambling age is 18 for slots, and 16 for bingo!

All I know for sure is that the casino has been missing The Pony!


River said...

Free rooms? No wonder so many people spend time in casinos. I wonder if they have that deal out here too? I'll probably never find out, since I don't go casino-ing.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yeah, those free rooms come in handy for traveling all the way to Norman to visit The Pony. Since we'd be going anyway, and staying two nights, we can stay for free this way. Of course, I feel like it's only right to spend some of that saved money in their casino...

This one I'm talking about now is one where we haven't stayed before. Hick and I got those free room coupons all year, every month, until NOW! When I called, the lady said we didn't have any for January. Huh! Now The Pony is providing our free room.