Monday, December 31, 2018

A New Shaming Bracelet, Now With More Shaming

Genius was in town yesterday, the only time he could fit us in for Christmas. It's rough being a working man, not a college student or a teacher with a month or two weeks off for the holidays. I suppose he knows how Farmer H used to feel when we were all partying it up without him.

Remember back on May 24 when my Shaming Bracelet (Garmin Fit-Bit-Thingy) blew a gasket? When one of the two prongs broke off the fastener?

Yeah. I'd had it almost six months. Heh, heh! It probably had a six-month warranty! Not that I'm shaming Garmin. I was rough on that Shaming Bracelet. But I wore it faithfully, even with one prong. Well. Now Genius has bestowed a NEW Shaming Bracelet upon me!

Ain't he purty? He has a color option, and I chose green. It's my favorite. That screen shows my mileage for the day as 0.58. But not really. I had 0.71 on my old Shaming Bracelet before Genius disabled it. So technically, I should have credit for 1.29 miles at this point. My daily goal, though, is, I think, 1.5 miles.

Thing is, when Genius put in my goal on this new one, he set it as 7500 steps!!! Maybe that's his own. But mine should have been around 4000. So now, I'm getting EXTRA SHAMING! I have no hope of meeting my goal.

I sent Genius a text bemoaning my extra shaming, and he said not to worry too much about it, because when I'm only achieving 20% of my goal, the Shaming Bracelet will adjust itself to lower expectations. Still. I won't get credit for my casino walking when we take The Pony partway back to college.

That's a shame.


fishducky said...

Why don't you get credit for your casino walking?

River said...

Of course you can meet that goal. Just run around with the dogs several times a day.

I can hear your hysterical laughing from way down here...

Hillbilly Mom said...

My normal goal was 1.5 miles. The Shaming Bracelet beeps when I hit the goal, and shows some balloons being released. At CasinoPalooza 3, I walked 4 miles one day. So I got extra balloon releases! Heh, heh, it's just rudimentary digital balloons on that small screen.

Now that my NEW UNINTENDED GOAL is 7000 steps, I could conceivably walk 4 miles, and still get the red line at the top, and warning beeps that I am not on track to reach my goal for the day. Which would be a travesty, if I walked 4 miles, and didn't even get my meager digital reward!

Yeah, I'm actually out of breath from laughing. Little Jack almost tripped me on Sunday, when I walked down the front recycled-brick sidewalk to say goodbye to Genius. He got right in front of my left foot, and darted in front of the right foot when I was stumbling over him. That really raised my heart rate, but sadly didn't add any mileage.