Monday, February 13, 2012

Between Love And Madness Lies Obsession

The Hillmomba police blotters were bereft of canine crime reports today. The weather must have a calming affect on the criminals.

After getting a late start, large snowflakes rained from the sky. Juno gave up jumping into the air to bite them after about ten minutes. She lay on the front porch, between the door and the #1 son's bedroom window. Perhaps I've mentioned how she likes to sit in a chair and watch him. So tired was she that when I opened the door for a better view of snow, she merely lifted her head and gazed at me.

I went to #1's room. "Did you know your dog is laying as close as she can get to your room? The dog you begged me to bring home, and now hardly ever play with?"

"She loves me best out of all of us."

"That's why she stalks you."

"I know. That's creepy."

"Where are your screens? Your windows look like nothing's there."

"I had to take them down earlier when I Windexed my windows. I couldn't spray them with the hose, because they'd freeze."

"You could reach your arm out that window and pet your dog. If she could get closer. Or if you had a 12-foot arm."

"Watch this. Come on, Juno. Come on."

"She's impressed. 'My boy can stick his arm out the side of the house to pat me! My new mom never does that.' "

"Okay. Go away now. No. Don't eat the stuff on the windowsill." (Let the record show that he was talking to the dog, not to me.)

"Don't close her head in."

"Yeah. She's not real smart sometimes. I had to go out and help her get down from the chair that time she was laying in it watching me. She couldn't figure it out."

I have a feeling the outside of that window is going to need Windexing again tomorrow.


Sioux said...

It definitely sounds like Juno is a long as she doesn't join Ann's gang and start graffitting up the farm.

Wait...Your SON cleans his own windows? What screwed-up time and space dimension do you guys exist in?

labbie1 said...

Puppies and kids just go together like PB&J! Cute!

Michelle said...

cute post.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Dumb dogs are the sweetest.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I need to keep Juno on a short leash, lest the bad influences corrupt her.

I know, right? That boy has a mine field of clean piles of shirts and jeans, various and assorted wires to gadgets I don't even know the name of, stacks of National Geographic, Popular Photography, and Popular Science magazines, heaps of college recruitment propaganda...and windows so clean it looks like he's missing a wall. He put the screens in the garage.

I think it's his photographic eye. He wants to see clearly now.

And are sometimes just as sticky.

I'm turning into a doggie blog.

Until they shove a shank into your leg or their wet black nose into your mouth! First she's sour. Then she's sweet. That's when she puts her head up under my arm and leans her body against mine, almost falling off the porch to get closer.