Monday, February 27, 2012

I've Got To Catch My Breath

The Pony set a blistering pace last week, and he's off to the races again this week. Except last week was only four days. We had the District Spelling Bee, then an academic practice until 5:00 p.m., then a day of nothing, then a Math Team practice until 5:00 on Friday. Which The Pony politely declined to attend, in order to spend the night with his grandma.

This week, he had an academic meet with two schools this evening, home academic meets, each with two other schools, on Tuesday and Thursday, practice Wednesday until 5:00, and Math Team practice until 5:00 on Friday.

The good thing is...this is a sign the school year is proceeding full steam toward the end. Pretty soon we'll have freshman orientation, spring break, school carnival, awards banquets, spring concerts, graduation practice, baccalaureate, real graduation, and then summer.

When the livin' is easy.


labbie1 said...

Whew! I totally need a nap just reading that!

Sioux said...

I am sure you have your summer already planned out. Val's Pals would love to hear what your summer plans are.