Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One Of These Days

One of these days, I'm going to...

...get out the door after school before 4:00. that PowerBall jackpot.

...teach myself to play the guitar.

...get all of the laundry done and put away so there's not one article if clothing in sight in my laundry room.

...make my mom a chocolate pie, because she loves it, and she gave the one I took to Christmas dinner to my nephew, to take home.

...write a journal for each of my boys, telling them all the funny and sad and ridiculous things they did in their early years.

...get enough sleep every night.

...figure out why people like to eat raw fish and seaweed, heavily-salted fish eggs, and peppers so hot that snot pours out their nose, tears course down their cheeks, and they nearly choke.

...return to Crater of Diamonds State Park, find a giant gem with no curse attached, and sell it to buy Farmer H a gargantuan spread in Montana where he can build cabins to his heart's content and populate his kingdom with goats and chickens galore.

...get my Mansion is ship-shape condition so it is not mistaken for a Hoarder house. all the books I have stacked in a holding pattern.

...use my new-found book-smarts to write The Great American Novel and stick it in a drawer as a tasty treat for the field mice who sneak in under the basement door twice a year.

...stop multitasking my life away.

...get my handbasket factory up and running.

...figure out how David Blaine gets that playing card inside the shoe of the person he's scamming.

...straighten up and fly right.

...find more time to devote to my blogs.


POFG said...

I do like raw fish, seaweed, and hot food. Salted fish eggs, not so much.

My goal is to NEVER have all the laundry clean and folded at one time, because I did that recently and discovered that when it's all clean at once, we don't have enough closet space to put it up.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Well, you can have my share. And if I ever DID put all of the laundry, I would have to invest in more hangers.