Friday, February 10, 2012

Some Smelling Salts Might Be In Order

I am feeling quite uninspired tonight. I am languishing on a chaise lounge, listlessly lolling my head back and forth, unable to think up a thought worthy of sharing with the masses. I cannot even raise enough ire to complain about my substitute yesterday, who, among other high-level atrocities,

*left my teacher chair jacked down to the floor

*rifled through my top flat desk drawer, the one with the built-in pencil holder

*turned my laptop OFF, meaning that it had to play catch-up in updates before it would deign to allow me to log in to my various screens and do my job this morning

*used my BIG paper clips, the ones I hoard from the work turned in by homebound students, to differentiate assignments by class section (silly sub, simply stacking them cattywompus to other classes will save paperclips and my time)

*absconded with one of my blue dry-erase markers that was left on the chalk tray (or allowed a young scalawag to pilfer it)

*neglected to mention to students,(even though it was typed in ALL CAPS on the lesson plan for the day that I paperclipped to the outside front of the sub folder) that the assignment MUST be turned in, or receive a zero

*failed to leave a list of absences, admit slips signed, or a simple summary of how each class behaved, even though plenty of forms for such a report are included in the sub folder

Sigh. You'd think that would get my blood boiling. But it's still tepid.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

At least you have a weekend ahead ...

Sioux said...

Perhaps you can whip yourself in a frenzy on Monday, because I'm sure it was a scalawag that took your eraser. And wasting those gems--those giant paperclips that are indeed hoard-worthy (VERY different from sponge-worthy)--she should be banned from subbing in your district forever!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yes. My birthday weekend! And there's a chance of measurable snow on Monday!!! Okay, it's only for the afternoon. But still. I am ever the optimist.

I must fill out a referral for your reading comprehension skills. It was a MARKER, a dry-erase marker that disappeared. One of the blue ones. The dirty, grubby, smear-inducing eraser is still there.

I LOVE those paperclips. I don't use them. They're for saving. Just in case I need them.

And now for the most horrifying part: my sub was male. And I dub him Sir Not-Sponge-Worthy. Because who wants a horde of little paperclip-wasters populating the earth? Not Mrs. Hillbilly Mom, that's for sure. And I can't vouch for the effectiveness of The Sponge, what with it being off the market for all these many years. Surely there was some kind of expiration date.