Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Proper Explanation

Perhaps you didn't miss me last night. I'm a phantom like that. I wasn't here, then I was, at an untimely hour for Mrs Hillbilly Mom. This ol' blog could just run itself if I banked up enough future posts. But my comments were left hanging. That's because I was physically at the emergency room with my mom, who was having nosebleed issues. It was her second trip to the ER that day. The first one being around 9:00 a.m., when she didn't want to bother anybody, so she drove herself. I know. That's totally unacceptable. So I told her if it happened again, she was to call me, no matter what time it was.

I had no sooner arrived home than the phone rang. Mom was spouting hemoglobin again like a city fireplug spouting water in the midst of a ring of children during a heat wave. So I took off to get her. Latter-decade septuagenarians on blood-thinners should not dilly-dally around with leakage of their life-force. That's what the ER people said, anyway. Twice.

Mom is fine for now. Both times, it stopped after about an hour. But she called me at school again this morning to report a new flow. I told her to sit quietly and see what developed, since she reported that it was not so severe as yesterday's bloodwaters. She got it stopped, and I called her every hour. The ER folks didn't really do anything for her. But told her to come back if it got any worse. I'm taking her with me tomorrow on my sick day when I go to the hospital for lab tests. Her doctor is off, but somebody needs to get to the bottom of the bottomless pool of blood. If this keeps up, they're going to have to cauterize something up in her nose deeper than her elbow, or change her blood-thinner.


My apologies to labbie for not posting her question-and-answer dealy-bobber. I had every intention. But you know what they say: Life is what happens when you're planning blog posts. I had half of them written down on paper, from stolen moments at work when I could squeeze in one or two, and now I can't find the paper. I'm just not up to 33 questions and tidbits of hidden info about myself. Though that would be my favorite subject, of course.


Sioux said...

The old joke about women being the only creatures who keep bleeding but never die...I guess it continues even past menopause.

Did you gather any tidbits while in the ER waitingroom that could serve as a springboard for your blog? Think hard...

Hillbilly Mom said...

She's a vampire's dream, that mother of mine.

As a matter of fact, there was some self-important gal in the ER who was surveying the situation with a jaundiced eye. I fear that she will beat me to it. Even with a bum peeper.

I did, however, run into an old student of mine, who tapped on the glass as I was leaving, just to say "Hey." She's the one who gave me a card on graduation night, telling me how she would not have graduated without my class, and thanking me for being there for her throughout her academic career. So there's proof that Mrs. Hillbilly Mom is not as cold and heartless as she appears on this anonymous blog.