Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Space For Every Pony, And The Pony In His Space

The Pony has a parking spot!

That's right! In order to drive to school, he had to get a school-issued parking slot on the Newmentia student lot. They're numbered. Seniors get the first row, then juniors have the second row, then sophomores, as they age and get their licenses, have the third row. The pick-up drivers request the bottom row, mostly. But not The Pony. His little Ford Ranger club cab is not a dually. Doesn't take up any more room than a little car.

I won't tell you The Pony's parking slot number, but it was part of Herman Munster's address. He's in the first row. I imagine that somebody graduated at semester, and he got a recycled parking space. Otherwise he would have been relegated to the third row. It's happened with other late-bloomers.

Yes, parking spots are a big deal at Newmentia. Pupils camp out overnight in tents in front of the school to be first in line at registration, and get space #1. The local newspaper sometimes does a feature on them. As you can imagine, there was no campin' from The Pony. I have been telling him all year that he needs to get a space. Having your license isn't necessary, I think. You can get a spot for when you DO have your license and drive to school.

Which The Pony is planning for Wednesday, when he has a blood drive. Not that he's donating, of course. Let's not rush things here. He's working at it. With the time change, it should be just dusk as he's heading home.

I don't know which one of us is more excited.


Sioux said...

I'd love to be a fly on the wall inside the truck as he drives home from the blood drive. Is there a back seat in his truck? If there was, I'd be a fly in the back seat--a la The Pony--and travel like he was my personal driver.

fishducky said...

Our baby's growing up!!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Soon your nest will be empty .....

Hillbilly Mom said...

There IS a tiny back seat! So you can be the fly in the back seat, asking limo passengers at stoplights if they have any Grey Poupon. I imagine a fly would LOVE Grey POOPon! Wear your tiny fly seatbelt, though. I imagine it's going to be a bumpy ride!

I KNOW! Seems like only yesterday he got his driver's license. Oh, wait. It was very MANY yesterdays ago...

NOOO! My nest NEEDS this helpless fledgling! For soon all I will have left is that contrary old vulture waiting for me to die.