Sunday, March 20, 2016

It Was A Cold Day In March Before The Pony Drove Himself To School

So...remember a week ago, when I shared the news that The Pony had asked for, and been assigned, a parking space on the Newmentia parking lot?



He had a blood drive to work at Wednesday until 6:00. Then he had to help load up the Scarlet Plus-Signs' vampire equipment. Then, he sent me a text. Because he's a good Pony like that. "Stopping by The Devil's Playground to pick up a snack for the Sleep-In tomorrow." That's right! He drove himself to The Devil's Playground, and then back to the Mansion when it was full dark.

The Pony got up Thursday morning and forewent his a.m. computer gaming. He had to load a box of Nerf weapons in his truck. That's what goes on at the senior locked-in sleepover at Newmentia. Don't get me started on that one. You'd think, with the hysterical climate regarding school violence, the last thing one would schedule would be a night where pupils are locked in and chasing each other with weaponry. But no. That's exactly what the senior Smartypants Club members are treated to.

As he balanced a large box (courtesy of Farmer H's employer, which uses them to ship saw blades) full of Nerfs, including a six-shot revolver, a couple of sniper rifles, and a submachine gun that he likened to an assault rifle...The Pony bemoaned the fact that his truck had no heat.

"Maybe I just don't know how to turn it on. Because yesterday, when I got to school, it was still blowing out cold air. Can I take these gloves? I know they're yours, but they have that soft lining inside."

"You can take my gloves. We need to tell Dad about your truck. I'll tell him this morning. It's been sitting there for almost two years. He drives it himself. You'd think he could have gotten it fixed by now. I told him you were driving it this week."

When I got to work, I sent Farmer H a text: "The Pony says he has no heat in his truck. It was 32 this morning."

Farmer H at 7:27 a.m.: "Ok"

Farmer H at 10:33 a.m.: "The Pony does have heat it is just in the control switch how it turns on its another thing that has to be fixed wit the AC"

I had to stay for conferences until 6:00 that night. The Pony was in and out, (even though Newmentia let out at 12:45), because he was working on a project for some inventors' club with Arch Nemesis and the other four pupils she handpicked. At one point he said he was going out to bring in his box of Nerfs. "I brought enough so kids who don't have one can borrow."

"You should take someone with you to get the door. It sticks. You don't know, because you never come in that way. Even buzzing you in won't help. It's about how you turn the handle."

On his next visit, to take some leftover pizza we had brought from home, I asked if he had any trouble getting his weapons in the door.

"Smart Gal #3 said she'd go help me. Actually, SHE carried the box for me."

"Pony! You can't let girls carry your stuff for you!"

"Well, we went to the truck, and the passenger door wouldn't open. So I got in and opened it from inside, and Smart Gal #3 grabbed the box for me, and started carrying it. So I got the door for her to come in."

Farmer H at 5:23 p.m.: "If u look for me I went rural king to get a light for the tractor"

HM at 5:25 p.m.: "Ok. Pony says his passenger door wouldn't open from the outside."

Farmer H at 5:25 p.m.: "OK I will start looking at the broken things since he is driving"

HM at 5:28 p.m.: "Yeah. You've only had 2 1/2 years."

So anyhoo...The Pony stayed all night shooting up the school, then worked on the invention until noon the next day (which was a DAY OFF from school!) and THEN drove himself to bill-paying town to have lunch at Steak 'n' Shake with his fellow inventors!

Thank the Gummi Mary it was sunny and around 50 degrees.


Sioux said...

Tell The Pony to talk--very fast and very loudly--to himself while he's driving. (After all, aren't all teenagers full of hot air?)

fishducky said...

Sioux--I think it's Farmer H that's full of hot air!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

The Pony is a creature of few words. Now if garlic breath could heat that truck, he would be toasty...

I think you're onto something there!