Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Mrs. HM Is Sharper Than Ever

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom starts 2019 on the cutting edge of new culinary gadgets. Okay. We're just talking about knives. But they're NEW TO MRS. HM. In fact, it's one of the best Christmas gifts that Farmer H ever provided. Right up there with my very first rolly chair. Sure, he struck out with the pizza pans I had requested, getting me a more expensive, larger version that was necessary. Not that they cost a lot, mind you. But they're too big to set on top of the stove. Too heavy just for covering with non-stick foil to warm things on. His heart was in the right place, but his gift selection was not.


Here they are, with their plastic blade-guards. I guess that's what you call those sheaths to keep you from amputating a digit. Though blade-guards sounds like something a hockey player might put on his skates.

Here's what they look like without those safety covers:

That's not why I love them so much. A plane blade, unadorned with floral artwork, would be fine. No, it's the SHARPNESS that appeals to me. These knives have ceramic blades. THEY CUT SO WELL!

Sweet Gummi Mary! You'd think I was getting a kickback for singing their praises! If you think that, you have obviously never heard me sing. I just love these knives! The Pony is also a fan, because I let him use the short one to cut his Christmas Day steak that Farmer H grilled on Gassy G.

According to Farmer H, he got my knives, which came in a 2-pack, at The Devil's Playground. They are Pioneer Woman brand. I like the Pioneer Woman well enough. I haven't watched her lately, but I used to, after or before Trisha's Southern Kitchen, on Saturday mornings, back when I was still a workin' woman.

Anyhoo, just sayin'... I LOVE THESE KNIVES!

Farmer H did good.


River said...

They are certainly pretty and I'm glad to hear they are sharp and also they are brand new from The Devil's Playground, not from a dusty box in someone's old storage locker.
My daughter K has a ceramic blade knife, white blade, red handle, but I've never used it, so don't know how sharp they are or even if hers is still sharp. She's had it several years now.
I prefer the cheap cleavers I got from an Asian supermarket.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Farmer H says that ceramic knives never need sharpening. I'm not sure how to interpret that. He was never a chef, and never used a ceramic knife, but then again, he made his living working in a factory that made knife blades, setting the machines the optimum sharpness.

Or maybe he just read the packaging on my knives.

I used to have a set of four black-handled paring knives that I used for most of my cutting. Just the right size for dicing onions, or cutting a steak. Now I'm down to two, and the handle on one is cracked. I guess I need to buy myself a couple more of these ceramic sets while they're available. Or ask for them for my birthday in February!

yevisha said...

your knives are quite specky. i love the scabbards with their cut outs. very nice

Hillbilly Mom said...

Thanks! This time, Farmer H got it right! The knives were a great gift.

fishducky said...

Don't tell Farmer H how much you like them--he'll go into shock!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Too late, I already told him. I will not comment on whether or not my goal was sending him into shock...