Monday, January 14, 2019

A Game Of Chicken

I called my sister the ex-mayor's wife Friday evening. Okay. I sent her a text mid-afternoon. Asking if she had time to chat. My social calendar was free, not having internet access on New Delly, and snow falling to prevent me from joy-riding in T-Hoe. About an hour later, Sis replied that she was not home, but that she could call me when she was. I told her I was planning to make supper at 4:30, but otherwise, that was fine.

Well. Nothing is ever that easy for Mrs. HM. Who was planning to make some corn muffins at 4:30 to go with her big cauldron of beans that she'd been simmering all afternoon. Of course Sis sent a text at 4:38, that she was home, and could chat. So I told her to call.

"Yeah. This is fine. My corn muffins are in the oven."

"Oh! What are you having with them?"

"Beans and ham. They smell delicious."

"Mmm... That would be good. I bought some beans a couple days ago, but I haven't cooked them yet. We still have some ham left that I was going to put in them." [I'm assuming it had been frozen since the Christmas Eve festivities]

"Yeah. I used ham and neckbones."

"Neckbones? Why would you put NECKBONES in your beans?"

"Because they give it such flavor! And the meat."

"Eww! There's hardly any meat on neckbones! And why would you want that flavor?"

"You'd be surprised how much meat is on neckbones! It just falls off. But you have to be careful, in case there's a little part of the bone that you think is meat."

"Well, I've never see a chicken bone with enough meat on it to bother."

"CHICKEN? I don't put CHICKEN necks in my beans? Who does that? Eww!"

"You said neckbones. What other neckbones are you putting in?"


"What kind of animal does that even come from?"

"Uh... a PIG? That's what pork is, you know. Pig."

"And you get neckbones from it?"

"Yeah. They're delicious! I get them at The Devil's Playground. In the meat department. The PORK section. They only had a big package, so I froze half of it for next time."

"Huh. I guess that would be good. When you said neckbones, I thought of chicken necks."

I really wish Mom was around to hear this story. I imagine she would be laughing so hard she couldn't breathe.


River said...

You straight out said to her, Ham and Beans, so why would she assume the neckbones were chicken necks? some sisters are just wired weird. Like mine.
I used to buy neckbones for soup, but always beef bones and then made beef and barley soup with tons of vegetables.

Hillbilly Mom said...

As usual, there's just no explaining my sister. It's not like we grew up eating chicken necks! I have no idea why she thought of chicken when I mentioned neck bones.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Chicken necks! Well she right about them having no meat on them! Maybe the unpaid government workers will have to rely on chicken necks …...

fishducky said...

Unlike your sister, I ALWAYS pay attention!! Nothing gets by me. Why, I...who's calling, please?

Hillbilly Mom said...

I suppose they could make chicken neck soup, if they have some ketchup packets laying around. We used to ask for extra ketchup packets, because The Pony took them in his lunch. And I have been known to squeeze them into a bottle of ketchup that was getting low. No need for them to go to waste!

That's your story and you're stickin' to it, I guess. But my telepathic (heh, heh, I almost typed psychopathic) powers tell me that you're about to miss something in a picture on my next blog post...