Sunday, January 27, 2019

I've Learned Not To Get My Hopes Up

I'm pretty sure I told you, a long time back, that Farmer H thought he'd found me a new dog. He saw it on Facebook (isn't that where everybody gets their dog?) and rushed to tell me about it. Remember? It was a female half-heeler, half-dachshund, just like JACK. He even showed me the picture.

Of course we were both excited at the time. Me, because the thought of a little female Jack was just too, too precious. And Farmer H, because I don't get excited about much, and this was a feather for his stinky sweaty cap. Anyhoo... he got on Facebook and told that lady we'd take her, and the lady kind of held up her virtual hand, palm out. She said a lot of people were wanting that dog.

Farmer H was a bit annoyed. He'd told her how we had a little dog just like that one, and we'd be thrilled to take her. I guess he'd also mentioned that we had a lot of property for her to play on. Which wasn't a good thing, because that little doggie was a HOUSE DOG. Anyhoo... Jack's future wife-dog was given away to someone else. A darn shame. Because Farmer H and I were already planning to have a littler of cute little long spotted hard-headed pups.

A couple days ago, Farmer H informed me that HOS's wife's sister had a litter of pups. Okay. That would be newsworthy. What he meant was that her DOG had a litter of pups. That's how we got Jack, you know. So I was THRILLED to think that Jack might get a brother or sister. As Farmer H said, "She's got 7 half-heeler pups. They were born before Christmas, so they're ready. The mom has stopped feeding them." I assumed they would be from the dachshund that was Jack's mother. Again, we were planning on adding to our fur family.

"We can't have pups with this one, but Jack will have a playmate besides that rascally Copper Jack!"

Farmer H found the picture (on Facebook, where everybody gets their dogs) and showed me. They were mostly black, with a white, spotted yoke over their shoulders, and the face markings of a heeler.

"Um. Those are NOT dachshund pups! They're not long, first of all. And they're HUGE! I can see the heeler in them. But what's their other half?"

Farmer H got to scrolling back, and found out they were half red heeler, half LAB mix. Six males and one female. "The female is already spoken for."

"Those dogs will be bigger than Juno! Look at the size of them already. We don't need a big dog. And the female is the one I would have wanted. We'd have had to get her fixed, but I know Juno won't get along with another male dog. She hates Copper Jack. She barely tolerates our Jack, and only because she's big enough to bully him."

So... we're not getting a new dog just yet. We've always had three dogs, and something seems lacking ever since we got the new garage roof and Poor Dumb Ann disappeared the next day. I'm always looking though, in the paper every weekend, at the pound pups. They had a half-heeler this week, but when I found his picture, he looked suspiciously pit-bullish. Not happening here.

I'm sure a little dog needing a home will come along when we're meant to have it.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

You are right, the puppy that needs you will show up. That's how we got Cujo. We weren't even looking and he came to us.

River said...

I've only ever had one pet at a time since I grew up. When I was very young, about five I think we had a dog, a cat and a galah. That's a bird, pink and grey in colour, they're wild in flocks in Australia but almost everyone had one when I was little, they get very tame and can learn to talk. Living in a one bedroom flat now, I can't have a dog, there's no yard for one and I'd prefer not to have a dog living inside with no room to run. So I have Lola, in the beginning, to take away the hurt of Angel being stolen, but she and I are used to each other now and I like her. I like to think she likes me too.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I was so excited when you told us about HeWho getting Cujo for you!

Our parallel lives again. Farmer H came down to my office to tell me he had promised HOS that he'd take a puppy. When he showed me the picture, and explained that Jack was half heeler, half dachshund... I really wanted nothing to do with him! Isn't that terrible? I fell in love with Jack the minute HOS brought him to me. Farmer H was gone to Sweden then, and The Pony and I let Jack stay in the house that first night. Shh! Don't tell.

Jack was meant to have us!

Hillbilly Mom said...

I'm glad you have Lola. I know one pet can't replace another. It always takes me a while to get over one I've lost, but the new ones work their way into my heart.

I definitely believe Lola likes you!