Thursday, January 10, 2019

Full Of Hot Air

I think we are finally going to get some cooler weather rolling in by the weekend. I'm already planning my menu. A pot of beans sounds good, so I bought some neck bones at The Devil's Playground on Wednesday. I already have corn muffin mix (no, shockingly enough, Mrs. HM is not one to make cornbread from scratch). Also have onions and a jar of Sweet Banana Pepper rings. I am starting to salivate at the thought.

Farmer H said that Friday's forecast includes snow. I wouldn't know. My weather site has gone all wonky, and won't show me a 10-day forecast, but only the day and the morrow. So I'll take his word for it.

Strange. As I was typing the last sentence of the first paragraph, I heard a WHIRRING. I'm sure it came from the tower of New Delly, sitting at my right elbow, since I've pulled it out from the corner due to intermittent innernets disruption. Not that this does anything to solve the problem, but I can seen the ethernet cable in the back, and jiggle it with low levels of success in getting my yellow flashing light and orange solid light that signify connection.

What could cause a whirring? There's not a CD or DVD in the drive, because I took out the one in there when trying to remedy my disconnections. That's just bizarre. A whirring with nothing to whir. The little fan inside never makes a noise. Maybe it just went all steroidal and started spinning. I don't know. I don't see any shadows inside from movement, or feel any vibration. I can usually see that fan turning lazily when I look through the tower. Now it doesn't appear to be moving.

Just one more mystery of the lair.


River said...

The fan in my laptop makes a whirring sound, not loud at all, but just to let me know it is doing the job. Most of the time it just turns slow with no noise, then ramps up if the motor is getting a bit too warm I suppose.

You're getting cooler weather and we're heading for a heatwave. We should meet in the middle and be comfortable.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I had the tower pulled out from it's usual place, and was running my under-desk heater, so it must have needed a boost. I've never heard it go into overdrive like that.

We've been unseasonably warm, temps in 60s, for a few weeks. Today it's 29, with snow on the way. My bones feel the chill. I think I'd rather be cold than hot, though. Try to stay cool. It won't last forever.