Wednesday, January 30, 2019

My 13 Year Old Self Couldn't Resist

Sometimes, it's a chore to come up with a daily idea OR TWO for blog posts. Sometimes, they just fall into your lap. Like a cotton-mouth into your boat while you're floating along in the shade of the riverbank. Oh, wait! That's not a good example! I don't mean a weirdo lounging around in tree limbs who needs a beverage for hydration. I mean the snake. The water moccasin. Though both would be detrimental to a smooth ride down the Meramec River with a worm on your hook.

No, I mean something falls into your lap like a good thing. Like when you're sitting in a lawn chair along the parade route, and candy comes sailing off a float for your noshing pleasure.

That's how I felt when I turned on New Delly yesterday, and saw that my home page of BING had THIS in their news stories!

Sweet Gummi Mary! That's a lot of ASS! Heh, heh. Way more than the value of my own ample buttocks!

I think the story was about some banks in Dubai. Or Saudi Arabia. I didn't actually read the article. It might have accidentally de-ignorantized me concerning another geographical region of which I am happily ignorant.


River said...

Ass? I can't take my eyes off the $114B. Boy, what I could do with even half that amount, or a quarter. That's a quarter of the $114B, not a 25cent quarter..

Hillbilly Mom said...

Heh, heh! My Older Than 13 Self noticed that $114B first! I can't even imagine that much money.