Tuesday, February 23, 2021

I'm Still Havin' Fun And They're Still The One

The Gas Station Chicken Store does not disappoint! They're my go-to story generator! Another tale fell into my nonexistent lap on Sunday. I was the only customer for a few minutes. The clerk greeted me as I walked by to the Fountain of Magical Elixirs. She and Rainbow Feather are the only two who've been working my shift.

"How are you today?"

"About half as good as I was yesterday, but I'm gettin' by."

"Oh. Didn't I cash TWO hundred-dollar winners for you yesterday?"

"Oh, yeah. I just twisted my knee before I left, and I'm hobbling around. But yeah, the money situation is good! They're put away! They'll probably be casino money."

"I haven't been to a casino in a long time."

"I think we're going tomorrow, to the one in Casino Town."

"That's my mom's favorite."

"We like it too. Better than that one in the city we used to go to."

"I got thrown out of there the last time I went!"

By now I was up at the counter.

"Oh, no! What did you DO?"

"Well. That's just it. I don't know."

"Did you get mouthy? Or were you drinking? I've read that they'll throw you out for that at the drop of a hat."

"I guess it was for something I actually did the time BEFORE. But I don't know what it was! All I know is that I walked in and put my player's card in the slot machine, and all at once security showed up and escorted me out!"

"Well. I hope you aren't banned!"

Heh, heh. She seems so friendly and easy to get along with. Now I wonder why she got tossed from the casino. I guess she can go to the one in Casino Town. For now...


River said...

I'm wondering too. Perhaps a case of mistaken identity? Or wearing the wrong colour mask?
Sorry to hear about the twisted knee, hope it's okay by now.

Sioux Roslawski said...

Maybe she... Well, I have no possible answer about what she might have done. Nothing casino-y, at least. My ideas would involve perhaps she flashed someone. Or she tried to smuggle some free drinks and food out of the casino, hidden in her ample chestal area. Or...

I'm done.

Hillbilly Mom said...

If they snatched her when she put her player's card in the machine, it couldn't be mistaken identity. UNLESS she was using someone else's card, at the same time they were there using another copy of it. So it had to be something tied to her actual identity, I think.

The knee is about 10 percent better today. I think some of the swelling went down. It will take a while. I heard something pop inside when I hurt it.

I could imagine her flashing someone. She's a little feisty sometimes. No free alcoholic drinks in Missouri casinos (we're not Vegas!), so it can't be that. You can't even take out drinks that you've BOUGHT. They stop you at the exit and make you throw it away. Even FREE soda. She said it was at River City. But she DOES have an ample chestal area. I'm thinking she probably got into an argument over something trivial, and they threw her out for being mouthy. My guess is as good as HERS, since she can't remember!