Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Planning My Escape

I am going stir-crazy, and it's only been two days since I was free to roam about Hillmomba! Sunday, which was Valentine's Day, was my last outing. I knew the snow was a-comin'. I bought an extra day's supply of scratchers, to save for my after-lunch scratching on Monday.

On Monday, when I saw the rate at which the snow was falling, I cut my allotment of scratchers in half, to save for Tuesday. Lucky for me, Farmer H said he'd get scratchers for me (after I asked!) while he was in town getting donuts. So now I have scratchers thru Wednesday. AND I think Farmer H will pick up more for me on Wednesday, to have on Thursday, just in case.

It's so hard planning how not to start withdrawals from my gambling addiction! At least I have two six-packs of bottled Diet Coke, plus two loose singles, to get me over the hump. I THINK!

The Pony's words struck fear into my heart on Tuesday afternoon. When he and Farmer H were discussing the forecast for Wednesday. Which I'd read as a TRACE to 2 inches of snow, but those two declared we had 1-3 inches coming!

"Let's face it, Mom. You and I aren't getting out of here until next week!"


I don't want to be trapped in the Mansion until next week! I want to go to the Gas Station Chicken Store! It's like my CHEERS. Only nobody knows my name.

Farmer H is itching to go down to Casino Town. His pawn shop lady is holding a special firearm for him. He didn't have the money with him last time we were down there. I seriously doubt the world has been beating a path to her door, wanting to buy that very gun, what with all this snow piling up. But you know Farmer H. I have a sneaking suspicion he is going to try to sneak down there on Thursday. Whether he invites The Pony and me or not.

Here's the thing. I WANT to go to the casino, and the highways will probably be clear. The back roads are likely passable. BUT when I looked online at the casino's Facebook page, to see if there had been any big winners lately, what I saw made my blood run cold!


That's half the reason I love going to the casino! Having lunch! The casino says it is due to weather. I guess the restaurant employees can't make it, or else the food delivery didn't come. They were supposed to have Mardi Gras food, too! I believe I saw them mention a SHRIMP PO' BOY! We won't be trying that now, I guess. 

So even if Farmer H offers to take us, I'm pretty sure The Pony and I will choose to wait until next week for a casino trip. Which is NOT to say that I will wait until next week to get out of the Mansion! I have my hopes pinned on Thursday. Bank, post office, Gas Station Chicken Store, maybe even Burger King!


Sioux Roslawski said...

Burger King. Do you remember those BK commercials with the creepy king?

I hope you manage somehow to chew off your restraints and get loose soon.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Of course I remember the KING! I'm retired, not senile! Now you have (almost) ruined Burger King for me. I'll worry about that big-headed freak jumping out from behind the drive-thru menu before I can get T-Hoe's window up.

I am still restrained! But Farmer H was in town FOUR separate times today! At least that's where he said he was going. He might have become a CREACHER, waiting down by the mailboxes to see if I dared to leave!

River said...

This might not make you feel better, but people are stuck inside here too because of a heatwave!
We've had so few really hot days this summer that when they arrive we can't handle them.
Tomorrow, Friday, is supposed to be the last hot day before a cool change, so there will be people everywhere again on the weekend.
Of course the heat hasn't stopped people driving their cars all over the place and the shopping centres are cooled by airconditioning, so we're not so badly off.

Hillbilly Mom said...

When our power goes out in the winter, I wish it was summer. When it goes out in the summer, I wish it was winter!

I hope you get cooled off enough to get outside for a breath of fresh air.

My plans for a Thursday outing have been dashed! We got about 2 more inches of snow on Wednesday morning. Farmer H will be doing my errands for me. There goes the Burger King! Looks like I'll be whipping up a sandwich of FREE Ponytail Guy bacon and cheese.