Sunday, February 21, 2021

Such A Forgetful Family

Mrs. HM is not the only person to lose something around the Mansion. Technically, it was lost in T-Hoe, but at least my debit card, which once was lost, has now been found. The Pony was blind, but now he sees.

He's the newest loser, you know! And so soon after being a winner. 

On Friday, I took my $100 crossword scratcher to cash in, and also The Pony's $100 scratcher from his birthday. I accepted two $100 bills for them. When I got home, The Pony came out to carry in my Country Mart onions and oranges and lettuce and cheese. He put them away while I sorted out my tickets and money.

"Here's your $100 winnings. Put mine in my gambling purse. In that pouch I use for my casino bankroll."

Off went The Pony to the living room on his mission. Then he came back to the kitchen for some pretzel sticks from Dairy Queen. We continued in our daily routine.

Saturday, I called The Pony to the living room.

"I'm getting ready to leave for town. Is there anything you want?"

"Yeah. Get me a lottery ticket. The 200X ticket. I'll get you a winner to cash in for it. Oh, Mom. Did I leave my $100 bill on the back of the couch yesterday?"

"Nooo... I would have seen that when I walked by."

"Oh. Okay. I guess I stuffed it in my billfold with some other loose money I have in there. I have some left from the last casino trip."

"I didn't see a hundred on the floor or the couch. So I guess you did."

"Yeah. I must have not been sure how much I had."

When I got back home, The Pony put on a jacket and came out to carry in some cherry pie filling I'd gotten for the clandestine yogurt Farmer H smuggled home from the Ponytail Guy on Friday. Back in the kitchen, I put stuff away. Just the pie filling, bananas, and hot dog buns. Usually The Pony does that for me. He was busy scratching his ticket. Loser.

The Pony came back in the kitchen to throw away his loser. He stood there to talk, and put his hands in his jacket pockets.

"Huh. THERE'S that hundred I was looking for."

Indeed. The Pony pulled a $100 bill out of his jacket. We seem to be a bit lax in taking care of our financial resources around the Mansion.


River said...

"a bit lax"? Huh. Wouldn't happen here. anytime I get home from shopping the first thing I do is put dairy foods in the fridge, then all money gets emptied out of bags and pockets and put away where it belongs. That's if I've used real money, these days a lot of supermarket or chemist purchases are made with my debit card instead. I'll use cash to buy lottery tickets but always take the correct amount so I don't have to carry home loose change.

Sioux Roslawski said...

If he has hundred-dollar bills to treat in such a willy-nilly manner, he should (soon) have enough money to leave the nest (pasture).

Hillbilly Mom said...

I have distractions when I get home. Dog treats to dole out before I close the door, The Pony prancing here and there, a 44 oz Diet Coke to double-cup and infuse with cherry limeade, lunch to get ready, mail to sort. I'm not a great multitasker these days.

Today The Pony ate a leftover fortune cookie, which told him "You will soon switch careers." Heh, heh! He read it to me, and then said, "I hope I can make THAT happen!" He's not the only one.