Monday, February 8, 2021

Ponylogically Thinking, PART 1

Yes, Common Sense has not only flown out the Mansion window, it has glided to the airport, and booked a flight to Makebelieveland. In Makebelieveland, the Laws of Physics have also taken up residence, having abdicated the Mansion, perhaps stowed-away in Common Sense's luggage.

The Pony was helping me get FREE Ponytail Guy food out of the mini freezer, to thaw in FRIG II for a couple days before Super Bowl preparations. We had what we needed, the last thing being to pour out some crumble sausage into a Chinese Tupperware container, and put the rest of the bag back in the freezer.

I turned from folding some items out of the dryer, to see that The Pony was at the cutting block pouring sausage, with the lid to the mini freezer wide open.

"I'll close this lid for you."

"Why? I left it open on purpose. I'm coming right back to put this in."

"How hard is it to put the lid down, and lift it again to put the sausage back? It's a MINI freezer."

"It won't hurt anything to leave it up."

"I don't believe you! It will start the food thawing out. It will take more energy to cool it back down to freezing."

"I'm coming right back!"

"I don't know HOW you survived on your own for four years!"

"A lot more PEACEFULLY than here!"



"Oh, hush up!"

I hate it when The Pony has better retorts than Farmer H. He uses the same tactics, though. Veer off on a tangent rather than admit fault on the original infraction.


Sioux Roslawski said...

Oh, so The Pony thinks it's more peaceful when he's living somewhere other than with you and Farmer H?

I've got a solution that will make everyone happy. I think you know what I'm hinting at...

River said...

He's a quick thinker that Pony, but you are right about the freezer lid.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I think The Pony also knows! Not that he's acting on it.

I can't understand what is so hard for a non-arthritic 22-year-old to lower a mini-freezer lid, then lift it again when he returns in five minutes! Does he need to conserve his energy THAT much?