Saturday, February 20, 2021

Mrs. HM Is InDEBITed To The Pony

Friday nooned (can't say dawned, because I didn't see the sunrise from my slumber in my OPC (Old People Chair), bright and sunny. The temperature was 32 when I prepared to leave the Mansion for the first time in FIVE DAYS. I was gathering my stuff at the kitchen counter when I did not see my debit card laying in my glasses case.
I leave the debit card there so I can slip it in my shirt pocket as I leave for town. Also, it's there when The Pony leaves to do the Devil's Playground shopping for me. I don't have to dig it out of my purse. Anyhoo... I was headed to Country Mart for bread and lettuce and onions, and I intended to pay with my debit card.

"Pony! Have you seen my debit card? I haven't been out of the house since SUNDAY! Where is my debit card? Did you put it back after you did the shopping?"

"Yes. I'm sure I did. I had it wrapped in the receipt, and I laid the receipt in there by your glasses case. That was on Saturday."

"I remember writing down the total from the receipt. But I don't remember seeing the card."

"Let me check. No. It's not here."

"I had it with my gambling purse for our gambling trip we didn't take." [I don't take my checkbook. Only my insurance card, debit card, and driver's license. I never use the debit card, but I have it in case of an emergency like a need to stay overnight, or get car repairs.] "But that was LAST week! And I'm sure I had it with me in town Sunday. Go check my blue plaid shirt pocket in my closet. That's what I wore. I just hung it back up."

"No. It's not in your shirt pocket."

"Dang it! I have no idea where it could be."

"Let me check again." Two minutes later he returned. "Here! No! Wait! That's not YOUR debit card! That's MINE, from my bank account. My old debit card. It looks kind of like yours."

"Yeah. That's not mine. WAIT A MINUTE! I did take it out of my pocket in town! I was going in Country Mart for the lottery machine. I laid it on T-Hoe's cup holder area, so it wouldn't fall out of my pocket while I was getting different bills for the two machines. Go out and look. By where I have my sunglasses and my Blues mask."

The Pony slipped on some slides (he doesn't feel the cold like a normal person) and a jacket, and went out to the garage. I heard him on the porch before his triumphant return.

"Got it! It was right there in your Blues mask!"

"I knew you had it before you opened the door! I could tell by the sound of your feet. Like you were prancing with joy!"

Not sure if The Pony appreciated that comparison. But he found my debit card! Thank the Gummi Mary, I didn't go two weeks not noticing it was missing. Like the time I didn't have my driver's license that was in my gambling purse...


Sioux Roslawski said...

If you tally all that you owe The Pony, and all that The Pony owes you... which side would have the most tally marks?

River said...

Whew! I was a bit worried there for a minute in case the card got thrown out with the receipt. I'm glad it got found.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Is this one of those questions like wishing in one hand, and... um... NOT-wishing in the other, to see which one fills up first?

That is a difficult question, because The Pony feels that I can never repay what I owe him for driving away when he had one foot on the parking lot, and one foot in T-Hoe, back when he was 11.

I am relieved that it got found. But now I have another LOST story.