Thursday, February 18, 2021

Mrs. HM Is Repulsive

Hey, now! You don't need to agree with the title so swiftly! Let me finish. Mrs. HM is repulsive in the manner of a magnetic pole that's the opposite of another magnetic pole. The other magnetic pole being the USPS. Mrs. HM's arch nemesis.

Of course I haven't gotten my DISH bill yet. So it looks like that will have to be paid online AGAIN. I could almost excuse them this time, due to the Monday holiday, and the week of icy roads we've had in Hillmomba. In fact, I even took into account the road conditions when I placed an Amazon order on Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning.

I could have received the package on Thursday with my free shipping from Amazon Prime. But my common sense said, "Wait a minute, HM. The roads are still partially snow-covered. Temperatures are single digits every night. We're getting another couple inches of snow on Wednesday. You've missed trash pickup two weeks in a row. So it's doubtful that you'll get a delivery on Thursday."

Because I listen to my common sense, I checked the bubble for Friday. No need to have somebody risking life and limb to rush my package to me. It's not like it's the anti-venom for a deadly snake bite. It's tax preparation accoutrements. 

So... I figured the roads will be plowed more by Friday, and temps in the upper 20s Thursday will allow some snow melt with sunshine. I was quite smug with self-satisfaction over my delivery decision.

A few minutes ago (as I type this), I got an email telling me that my package is ahead of schedule, and will be delivered on Thursday! Wait a minute! I specifically said I wanted to receive it on FRIDAY! It looks like the package is being delivered on the final leg by the USPS. We are like oil and water. If I said I WANTED my package on Thursday, there's no way I would get it then!
What if I was planning to be out of town on Thursday, and knew a band of robbers would be camped out in a car in my driveway, or at Mailbox Row? (I didn't know the method of delivery until my package shipped.) Wouldn't I, the package-receiver, be better informed to select the delivery day (of which I WAS OFFERED THE CHOICE) than Amazon? This whole situation just smacks of contrarianism! With Amazon being in cahoots with the USPS.

We'll see when it gets here. I'm NOT going to try contacting Amazon or the USPS. If I was a gambling woman, heh, heh... I would put my money on that package arriving FRIDAY. Especially since I've been notified that it will be here Thursday.


River said...

I've given up expecting packages on any given day. I get emails telling me my package will arrive (for instance) anytime between x-date and y-date of any month, so I just make sure I'm home for that entire week.

Sioux Roslawski said...

Since you ARE a gambling woman and since you usually WIN at gambling, I'm sure you'll get your package (hee-hee) on Friday, as you expect.

Hillbilly Mom said...

When I ordered, I was hoping we'd be at the casino on Thursday. Not knowing the delivery method, I didn't want the dogs (more specifically my little JACK!) to chew it up before we got home. The roads did not allow for a casino trip, nor my town trip. GOOD THING! That darn package was delivered THURSDAY! At least it was in the lock box down on Mailbox Row, and Farmer H got it before it could be stolen by somebody randomly checking mailboxes for lockbox keys!

I WON at gambling (scratcher style) this week, but I would have LOST on this bet! Just proving that the USPS conspires against me, in cahoots with The Universe. The Universe checked the all-seeing calendar for FRIDAY, and declared, "NO PACKAGE FOR YOU!"

Let the record show that Farmer H drove around with The Package for a couple hours before bringing it home to the Mansion where it belonged...