Monday, December 7, 2020

And Now, The EpiLOGue

I'm just LOGging back in to tie up some loose ends. To show another view of yesterday's giant creek-log that only a few days before had been a tree.

This is from the other direction, as I headed to town on Sunday. You can see the claw marks from the heavy equipment that lifted the log over the bridge. At least I HOPE that's what made the claw marks! You can see the future journey of our twisted friend. It will take a lot of water. I imagine this log will spin around and get caught several times on the bank, taking more than one flood to make it down to the river. When the weather warms up, it will provide shelter for the little fish and crawdads between floods.

In other closures... The Pony held steady with his ear infection for two days. Since the initial feel-better after one dose of his ear drops, he plateaued for two days. But by golly, right at the 48-hour mark he perked up, and said his ear felt a LOT better. The magic two-day window of antibiotics! In fact, he changed his morning mind about not feeling well enough to ride along and pick up pizza for our lupper (lunch/supper).

A-Cad has been paid off! I mailed the final payment last week. Now I'm sure A-Cad will start falling apart and require repairs. That's usually how it goes.

Farmer H's innards seem to have returned to normal after his gallbladder surgery on Nov 19. He is having a test for his shoulder pain on Tuesday morning. That throws off our casino schedule. But we can still go, because his Cancer Girlfriend doesn't have an appointment this week.

My Christmas shopping has just begun, and I anticipate many a skirmish, or even a small war with FedEx.

More news as it develops.


River said...

I like that photo of the log, it's frameworthy in my opinion. I like the thought of it being home to small water critters and am now wondering what it will look like when it snows.
Hooray for antibiotics!
I don't remember what is wrong with Farmer H's shoulder, but I hope it is something fixable.
Good luck with A-cad, maybe she will hold together longer than you think.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I like the log photo, but it needs cropping due to the reflections of my masks on T-Hoe's dashboard. Cropping it would have taken out the view downcreek, where that log will eventually be swept.

The Pony acts as if his ear never happened. Which reminds me, I need to make sure he finished the whole course of antibiotics. You can't just stop them when you feel better.

Farmer H thinks it's a pinched nerve in his neck, due to his titanium plate not working. Or maybe he's needing another titanium plate for a different vertebra. It's the same pain and numbness that he had before that surgery many years ago.

A-Cad is going to get a workout in a couple days, on our casino outing. Let's hope this isn't the time to show out and have a malfunction!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I love the picture. I agree that it will eventually shelter some under creatures, but I see lots of live edge shelves and such ....

Hillbilly Mom said...

I'm surprised Farmer H hasn't gone down to the creek with (one of) his tractor(s) and a boom pole, to lift out that behemoth and drag it home. Where he'd place it in one of his rock gardens along the brick sidewalk.