Saturday, December 5, 2020

Not A Screecher Uncaring, The Treasonous Louse

Oh, the places I go! The same places, really. Every day and every week. But each has a story to tell. The most prolific place is the Gas Station Chicken Store. Friday, I caught the Man Owner there behind the counter, training a young man on his second day of cashiering.

While Young Man was ringing up my winning scratchers, and fetching my new selections, Man Owner started to chat with me.

"This lady here is one of the winningest people we have."

"I do okay. Enough to keep playing every day."

"I bet you miss that Casey's over in the wedge."

"Oh, you mean the School-Turn Casey's. Yes. I had a $1000 winner from there, on a $5 ticket."

"I used to buy my gas there all the time." [DON'T LET WOMAN OWNER KNOW!]

"Me too! One day I parked around the side, by their propane tank locker, and something caught my eye as I got out. It was a little MOUSE! Sitting there looking at me! I thought, 'I'm glad I don't buy my pizza here lately.'"

"Oh! We had a mouse back here in the kitchen one time. It was years ago. I can't remember the name of our cashier, but she'd been here a long time. I can picture her face. I told her I was going to trap the mouse. I asked her if it would bother her to hear a mouse screaming. She said, 'Nah! Nothing bothers me!' So I set out my sticky trap.

A little bit later, she called me up from the back. 'I think you caught your mouse.' I went in there, and sure enough, I got 'im. I didn't want to waste my new sticky trap, so I pulled him off the paper. His legs stayed stuck on there! That woman SCREECHED! I mean, she REALLY screeched! She lied to me! Something DID bother her!"

I don't know what the new Young Man cashier thought about this.


Sioux Roslawski said...

I can stand a lot of stuff, but I think I might have made a sound over that sight, too.

(Are you getting into the ho-ho-holiday early this year?)

River said...

Nice Dr Seuss reference :)
I think I would be bothered by seeing a mouse get pulled apart too.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I think I would have wasted the sticky paper. Of course, I doubt he had that end in mind when he laid the trap.

I have only had a brief spate of online shopping last night around 1:30 a.m. I don't even know what day Christmas falls on. I made a list for The Pony to pick up some Chex Mix supplies about a half hour ago. I don't have the Christmas spirit. Farmer H played Santa today. His lap was forbidden, and he didn't get the usual toys to give the kids. We're just a few grunts shy of a BAH HUMBUG attitude.

That's what I told him! Just hearing the screams does not compare to witnessing the dismemberment!

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