Friday, December 25, 2020

It Hasn't Begun To Look Much Like Christmas

Welp! Here it is, 12:20 a.m. on Christmas morning, and I still have four gifts to wrap. Guess I'd better get on the stick, don't you think? Those presents aren't going to wrap themselves. I suppose I can fill a stocking for The Pony as well. This just doesn't seem like Christmas this year, after foregoing the Christmas Eve party at the home of my sister the ex-mayor's wife. No games for me to win (much to the chagrin of all other competitors), no finger foods, no wine-tasting contest, no gift-unwrapping.

It's just me and Farmer H and The Pony. Not many gifts. Not many dishes for Christmas dinner. Still, I am very happy to have The Pony here with us, even though I miss Genius terribly. Genius adds a little spice. You never know who his sharp humor may be carving next. He gets me laughing until I can't stop, even when I'm the victim being skewered. The Pony gives me a chuckle, and labored breathing, but nothing quite as hysterical as with Genius.

Okay. Time to tackle those gifts and stocking. Merry Christmas to all!


River said...

Perhaps next Christmas you could all rock up at Genius's door, bearing gifts and food? He'd have to let you in. surely he would let you in. at least next year you might get the Christmas Eve party.

Hillbilly Mom said...

If he still lives in Pittsburgh, that is doubtful. This year the state of Pennsylvania has the quarantine thingy to enter, even if you are a resident, and leave and return.

Hick moved Genius from Kansas City to Pittsburgh. Even HE is leery of driving there. It would take almost twice as long as the trip to visit The Pony in Oklahoma. AND over narrower urban highways that make Hick nervous. I have no desire to fly. So Genius will just have to haul himself back here!

I AM hoping for the Christmas Eve party. Genius likes it, too. So that could be a drawing point. As well as his roommate being from near St. Louis. So a trip would benefit both, should they decide to drive straight through and take turns behind the wheel.