Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Coma Coma Coma Coma Coma Oblivion

So hard to type right now. I'm about to lapse into a coma. A coma brought on by my own gluttony. My rumpus amples exponentially as I type.

Tonight (Monday), I used our leftover turkey breast, (the 9-pounder), to create the most delicious TURKEY POT PIE!

I didn't have an actual recipe. I built it from memory, leaning heavily (heh, heh, that's the ONLY way Mrs. HM leans) on the items from the hash brown casserole we just finished the night before.

Here are the ingredients in my TURKEY POT PIE:

Turkey (I'm sure all you genius's knew that one already)
Hash Brown Potatoes (the frozen cubed variety, thawed)
Peas and Carrots (a bag of the frozen kind, thawed)
Yellow Onion, 1 large, diced (from the box of a Ponytail Guy)
Sour Cream (a normal size tub)
Cream of Chicken Soup (one small can)
Minced Garlic (a serving spoon, with the juice)
Ground Black Pepper (about 5 grindings by The Pony, yet still not enough)
Pie Crust (bought from the biscuit section of Save A Lot, two round crusts in one pack)

I first coated the sides and bottom of my (9 x 13?) glass pan that had held the hash brown casserole. Dumped in the pot pie mixture and smoothed it out. It fit perfectly. It's a LOT of pot pie! Farmer H and I love it, but The Pony does not. MORE FOR US! I unrolled the crusts onto the top, and scrunched it down along the sides. I cut off the middle of one, where the two crusts overlapped. Then I poked holes in the crust so it could breathe.

Baked at 425 degrees, for 35 minutes.

Are you ready for this? Have your drooling towel ready!

I'll concede that my presentation leaves a little to be desired, and my phone left a shadow on the picture. Didn't make my TURKEY POT PIE any less delicious!

In retrospect, I might have added more ground black pepper, and perhaps a bit of garlic salt before baking. And maybe a few shakes of shredded cheddar into the mixture. But I will definitely be eating this dish until it is gone! Not this particular bowl... it's already gone!

The hardest part will be dragging my bloated body up the stairs later.

Let the record show that I survived the hike up 13 basement steps, and live to eat again!


River said...

I've never made a turkey pot pie, mostly because I don't like turkey and whenever we did have turkey for the rest of the family, there weren't any leftovers. It would probably work just as well for chicken, right?

Sioux Roslawski said...

Well, at least you're stealing titles from the same side of the pond as yesterday...

Your pot pie looks delicious. I made a version of one, but it was not nearly as yummy as yours probably was.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yes, it's a chicken pot pie the other 50 weeks of the year! It was a chicken pot pie before it was a turkey pot pie. I used the canned white meat chicken in it, because we never have leftover bird chicken. The Pony doesn't like bones in his chicken!

I sprinkled a little garlic salt on my serving tonight, and it was even deliciouser!

And my punishment was to hear "THE JOKER" on the radio while I was in town today! I'm sure your version was just as yummy. And probably served in non-disposable vessels.