Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The Pony Is Usually As Healthy As A Horse

Of all the times for The Pony to be under the weather!
The Pony mentioned on Monday that his ear seemed to be infected again. He's had something go on with it before. Says it hurts inside. I assumed he had something like a stye in his ear. He'd said that he couldn't quite reach it with his finger, after I'd suggested that he might dab a little triple antibiotic ointment in there.
Tuesday, he said it was closing up. That there were times when he couldn't quite hear out of it, because the sound was blocked and muffled. THEN, after his Tuesday night bath, even longer since Farmer H was gone to the auction, The Pony said that his temperature was 102 degrees! In both his mouth AND ear. He used two different thermometers, heh, heh!
That's when I understood that The Pony has an EAR INFECTION! Not something external inside his ear canal. It's like that time he insisted on going back to OU that first year, right after Christmas, and one of his dormies had to drive him to urgent care. Where his ear would not accept eardrops, so the doctor (probably a nurse practitioner) inserted a sponge to hold the canal open, and absorb the eardrops to let them seep into where they needed to be.
I'm not sure anywhere will see him, during this time of VIRUS. The last place he went around here was to the same nurse practitioner as Farmer H. And you know how THAT worked out. They don't want sick people coming to the office! So maybe we can get him a teleconference appointment. Not that they could look into his ear. But they could hear his symptoms, and send in a prescription. Hopefully not to CeilingReds, the pharmacy that closes at the drop of a positive drive-thru covid test!
I told The Pony that maybe his temperature was so high because of his extended bathing in the hot tub. To take his temperature again in an hour. He did. It was 101.3. He went to bed to sleep it off. It's not excruciatingly painful, but enough for acetaminophen. 
If that ear doesn't start healing itself with the fever, we'll be looking for an appointment before Friday. Or try urgent care. Although the cure might be worse than the earache, what with all these VIRUS-y people queuing up for tests, spreading their sickness to sick people.
We'll be keeping an eye on that ear!


Unknown said...

Those "Urgent Care" places will see him. However, it usually involves checking in, and going back to your car until they text you to come in.

(You do know there is recipe for dressing that uses White Castles, don't you? It is supposedly really good.)

River said...

With an ear infection I'd be seeking help sooner rather than later, no point risking a perforated ear drum or possibly going deaf.

Hillbilly Mom said...

The Pony has been urgently cared-for. Story coming up.

I like my White Castles PLAIN, right out of the box! We haven't had them in years, even though there's a store over in Bill-Paying Town. Maybe I'll tell Farmer H to get some when he's over there next time, seeing as how Genius is not around to get into them.

Help sought, help bought. The tale is next.